Podcast Movement Conference Tracks

All breakout sessions and panel discussions will fall under one of six main “tracks”, or one of our “bonus tracks”.

As you will see below, categories are focused in order to help you determine the overarching goal of each track, as well as help you decide which session is right for you. Keynote talks will be broad and will appeal to all who are in attendance.

In addition to the track being indicated, you’ll also be able to tell what sessions are for New Podcasters, Hobbyist Podcasters, Professional Podcasters, and Industry Professionals prior to selecting your session.


Presented by Amazon Music
Whether you’re creating a show from scratch or looking for ways to improve, this track will teach you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of podcasting. There will be sessions for both beginners and professionals that will help you and your show, including the art of storytelling and how to conduct great interviews.

Industry TRACK

Presented by SXM Media
Podcast Movement prides itself as the conference that gathers experts from the industry together to present sessions in an environment unlike anywhere else. Past sessions of this track include an IAB panel on podcast advertising standards, multiple sessions on measurements, and large podcast sponsorships.

Marketing & Growth TRACK

Presented by Mowpod
Creating great content is part of the battle, but the next big hurdle is making sure people hear what you’re putting out there! This track offers some of the tips and tricks that the world’s most successful podcasters use. Learn the latest techniques, from social media and email marketing to using new technology, to get your voice heard.

Monetization TRACK

Presented by AdsWizz
In this industry, we know that many podcasters are looking for ways to profit from their art form. While it may not be easy, this track brings in experts to teach you the different ways it can be done. Learn about getting sponsors, crowdfunding your podcasts, and more with these sessions.


Presented by Tenderfoot
This track encourages speakers and attendees alike to address some of the most difficult, but also most important, topics head-on. From discussions around diversity, racism, and harassment, to bringing voice to underrepresented communities, we look forward to them happening at this year's conference.


Presented by Focusrite
Podcast Movement will be home to some of the best technical experts in podcasting. Whether you’re looking for ways to podcast from mobile devices, trying to figure out what plugs into where, or need a few handy tips on editing your content like a pro—you’ll find sessions on various topics throughout the week.

After a successful first year in 2022, we’ve also brought back some of our best partners and given them the opportunity to program their own full-day tracks!